Swoonful New Materials for Felting! (Exciting!)

Hi everyone!

I was going to delay this post until I had some new items to show for it but I was just too excited to wait! I have made one little creature for the autumn collection but the others are a work in progress right at the moment!

You see, I’ve been needle felting for quite a while now, and I’m always ready to experiment with new things. I’ve felted with lots of types of wool so far, corriedale, merino, Tunisian… and now I’m moving onto Wensleydale locks!
Now, to people who don’t felt or spin, this probably doesn’t mean a great deal. But for a while I’ve really wanted to create a more ‘wild’ look, quite untamed and magical. I’d been hunting for suitably curly fibres and I came across these locks, which are just so beautiful. Trawling throught the web I ended up heading back to Etsy and found these stunning fibres… some of which will be heading my way soon!

Imagine the little fluffy birds or the strange tribal yetis (and goats)! Not sure why I’ve got it in my head to create a crazed goat but I’m definitely going to. A llama too, perhaps to be the primitive brother of this little dear:

Finding these locks has meant I’ve discovered a whole host of other materials to experiment with – including these hand dyed batts from Hands and Notions on Etsy:
This one totally has my name on it! I’m imagining litttle rustic owls and wonky eyed marmalade cats. It’s also a delicious mix of different types of wool like alpaca and merino, giving it a really textured finish. Swoon!

Anyway, gushing over. Have a lovely day everyone!

Caroline xxx


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