A New Age for Knittynudo?

Hi All!

There’s been a lot of exciting movements for Knittynudo recently, I’m thrilled!

As well as some new creatures for autumn…

… I think there may be a new age for Knittynudo too!

I’m not going to give too much away, but it’s in the works for me to write regular tutorials for a magazine in the USA! This will be pretty much absed on the teeny weeny series, at least initially. Who knows what else will come from it!

Needless to say I find all this very exciting. I love writing, so the chance to extend my quill to writing about one of my greatest loves just fills me with glee! I’ll let you all know when the next issue is published. 🙂

There have been another couple fo exciting developments too (not related to the the magazine) but I’m keeping them under my floppy summer hat at the moment. Once it’s all firmed up I’ll release more information!

But on another note, it’s starting to turn into autumn now, and for all you Americans – fall. I love this time of year, and it’s inspired me to start making lots of new creatures! There are a couple above but rest assured there’ll be a few more coming soon! Some of them more fantastical than others….

So much excitement is surely going to make me burst! I’m already thinking about Christmas too, and the possibilities that lie there too.

Speak soon!

Caroline xxx


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