There’s Something New in Knittynudo…

There’s something new and distinctively small in Knittynudo at the moment…

I couldn’t not have the Knittynudo Featured Curiosity of the Week be the new Teeny Weeny Curios that are now on the site:

Stabbing wool into such a small sculpture is certainly perilous to the fingers, but completely worth it! I’ve been testing them out a bit, by giving the tiny wizard a ride on a giant felted dragon, and resting a teeny tiny chick on top of an owls head. The Teeny Weeny Curios are just a tiny wee version of some bigger sculptures, and some new original concepts, for Knittynudites who’d like a little lucky totem to guard their pockets or live in their purses!

I also love the idea of pairing together little characters to give them more of a story – so a little heart could be given alone as a gift of love, or with a larger soft sculpture to really seal the deal. 🙂 It’s also just quite nice to see the little curiosities with a friend to keep them company.

I’m planning a huge list of possible Teeny Weeny Curios, but if you have any ideas please feel free to suggest them or put them on the Knittynudo Facebook page! You may just see them appear as if by magic… 🙂


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