Knittynudo Curiosity of the Week!

Little Thimble is an ode to the simple amigurumi style that first inspired me to take up needle felting. I wanted to create a really simplistc aardvard shape with some little detail to give it that little extra cuteness. Little Thimble, like many of the Knittynudo curios, is a star-gazer. Looking up to the skys, making shapes with clouds and drawing patterns with stars.
I decided on a peachy colour, as I wanted Thimble to be bright and yet delicate. I also wanted a more toy-like version of an aardvark’s sandy brown colour. The little scarf was made by creating a crochet chain from one strand of grey and one strand of pale blue embroidery floss. I though using wool or yarn would end up a bit bulky for Thimbles fine features and I think I got it right this time!


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