Good Housekeeping, Summer Inspirations, and an Imp Wearing a Purple Hat

Hello All!
Well hasn’t the sun appeared this week! 🙂 It’s been great! Even some little Knittynudo Curiosities have been enjoying the weather and getting out and about! 🙂

There’s been quite a bit of creating on the site this past couple of weeks. There’s been quite a few new additions (including a lucky cancary, a punk fish, and a Little Darling), but there’s also quite a bit of structural change. There’s still so much to learn  – and I expect there always will be – and I’m slowly but surely updating my photos to make them look their snazzy and professional best. (I realise I just said snazzy. This either means I’m very cool or uncool. I am not yet sure). So eventually all of the photos of my creatures will be equally clear and photo-tastic.
I have fotofuze to thank for that! What an ace program! is definbitely benefitting!
With the onset of summer too, I’m starting to see inspiration everywhere. From the puppets I saw last week in Avenue Q (EXCELLENT musical by the way!) to the little wildflowers popping up everywhere, there is so much colour and character in the world I can’t help but try to interpret it. It’s very exciting! If only I wasn’t limited to time!
I’m off to the Green Festival this weekend too (in Newcastle Upon Tyne’s beautiful Leazes Park), which is always a delight for the eyes. Here’s the link: . It’s something I look forward to every year, and as well as world food, folk music, and jewellery stalls, there’s always a wealth of craft activities and items for sale. I never fail to pick up a felted bag or strange sari silk hat, rather like the one the little guy below wears:
Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to it! It reminds me of how big our world is, the importance for eco-art, and how we should all try to use as many fairtrade products as possible
I also thought I’d share a couple of inspirational pieces with you! One comes from my favourite porcelain sculptress on Etsy, she’s just wonderful! I think a lot of her pieces come directly from an imaginary world that I too live in half the time! Her pieces really make me want to sculpt, which is convenient with me being a needle felt artist! I think one day though I’m really going to have to give pottery a go, because I think the washes and glazes she used are just so dreamy!

This one is a great example of how weird some of Karen’s pieces can get!

And this one I think shows a great amound of cuteness!
If you wanted to check out ehr work, go to . She adds new pieces pretty much constantly (ahh, to be a full time artist!) 🙂
One more share I wanted to put out there is a new store by a good friend of mine, Adam Ratcliffe.
ARCadenceArt ( ) is the sort of drawing I really wish I could do. It’s so darn 3D it may as well be sculpture! His custom portrait listing features a drawing of me – which I’m honoured that he has included! I own one of his drawings and everyone stops and thinks it’s a photograph. I can’t WAIT for him to do some fantasy style pictures, and them I can fool myself into thinking they are photos and I really was there. Oh… to dream!
Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling. I’ll be in touch soon!

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