Craft Wars: Mandrakes vs Llamas (The Final Cut)

Hello Everyone!


This latest post has been quite delayed… With Spring being here, everyone being active and the land becoming warm again there’s always so much to do! I haven’t had as much time to create new little curiosites as usual, but I’ve still had fun thinking up new and neat ideas for creations!

This little fellow is a good example! I love a bit of magic and mysticism, an the mandrake root is pretty high up there with auspicious plant-lore. I think most people these days have heard of them from Harry Potter, so I thought I’d quite like to create my own version! I needle felted a small tin bucket of ‘soil’ for him to hide in when he’s sleepin’.

And following on from this theme, I thought I’d have a go at plants too! This is the first, a little needle felted cactus with needle felted stones and soil. I think it ended up pretty funky actually! I have a needle felted bonsai tree in the works too but that one’s taking quite some time. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂 I was also thinking I could do some little saplings and flowers. Why the devil not?!

I do enjoy a bit of myth-making too. This little cutie is an Aztec Llama. You can see much more of her detail on the site and I’m quite in love with her! She’s definitely a sweetie, but just still has a bit of eerie hauntedness. Just what I like! I’m working on a few more creatures in this same style, like horses, deer, goats… I do love the oddities! Particularly the mandrake and llama have been the most fun to do, I wonder which one finds a new home first?

And with her own little backstory, here’s the Dream Bunny. I think having a story gives these little curiosties some context. This little rabbit shows how I can’t quite get away from going back to the plain old deliriously cute. You can read her story here: .

I’m still working on the crochet. I honestly am in awe of anyone who can just pick up a hook and loop away. I can’t understand it! One skill at a time though.. I already always feel so torn between all of my favourite crafts, I’m not sure how I’d cope with another on right now! I think I would like to learn how to do dome tiny little jackets for my imps though, I think that’d be just too sweet.

For now though, I will bid you adieu. Dream of small imps, walking plants, and mandrake wars with llamas. Have fun everyone! 🙂




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