An Address to Crafty Knights and Maidens (and those who just love handmade) – St. George’s Day Sale, Working Frustration, and an Invasion of Small but Harmless Imps‏

Happy St. George’s day for Monday! 🙂 If you’ve seen Knittynudo lately I think you’d notice I’m quite into my myths and legends, whether its Arthurian tales, dragons, unicorns, or more modern amigurumi creatures. Well, with it being St. George’s day I decided to celebrate by doing a themed sale – everything 15% off when you quote the coupon code GEORGEDRAGON15 at the checkout. Spontaeous, and lots of fun for me! The theme seems to have followed through though, as I made a custom order this week for possibly the cutest little druid I’ve ever seen. I absolutely loved making it. Bring on the druids! It’s inspired me to make a few more of these little curios. Next up – a forest druid.
 A strange old week for me. I think I’ve been quite distracted, but I can’t quite say what by. I’ve been working really hard in the day job and I think I’ve been a bit frustrated by that, which is silly really. Perhaps I’ve just been getting too carried away with my creative side. But can you really? There’s nowhere less creative than an office, and when I feel my mind drift to my various projects (whether it be my wall hanging, new curiosity ideas or designs, or my writing) I’m pretty locked into the office mentality, and everything’s a struggle. All of a sudden you lose confidence and you lose the faith. 😦
It’s incredibly frustrating having so many colours and stories swirling around in your head without the ability to express them! Once I’m home I can funnel this creativity into various forms and ideas and I feel better again. But recently it’s been getting harder and harder to drop the lack of confidence and CREATE. I need to worry less. Stress less. Remember to be me! I’d be interested to find out if other crafters/creaters go through similarly horrible loops.
When I HAVE been creating though, I’ve been CREATING! I’ve been experimenting a bit with embroidery and felt, and have come up with three new little imps, already listed in the Knittynudo shop ( ) . Here’s one of them!
This was the first, Lobelia. I loved creating a litte persona for her. As a result, each of the three have a little character and background. As you can see I wanted them to have some special detail on them – hence the folk art crests that they have!
This greeny imp (Drogo) has a really swirly mottled colour. I experimented a bit with self blending, and was pretty happy with the result! He’s turned out to be quite the little chubby one.
I love this little guy too. A strange name I must admit (Orangefarben) but being a rusty colour I thought it suited him! I thought he needed a co-ordinated accessory too, so I made a little scarf for him from banana fibre yarn. Luckily I had some in the right tones! 🙂
Anyway, I’ll leave you with their sweet faces. They’re all available on etsy now, and are included in my ye olde St George’s day sale. Craft well knights and maidens…
Speak soon!
Caroline xxx

2 responses to “An Address to Crafty Knights and Maidens (and those who just love handmade) – St. George’s Day Sale, Working Frustration, and an Invasion of Small but Harmless Imps‏

    • I think you’re completely right – I just have to not take to heart the fact that I can’t imagine anything easily in an office! Nice to know I’m not the only one! 🙂 x

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