Eyebrows, Character and Apple Tree Branches: A Week of Exotic Mental Adventures

Hi All!
With the miniatures I’ve been making this week, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about personality. What is it that gives a little critter or curiosity a character? For me, it’s eyebrows. Or the lack of them.
Eyebrows are uniquely particular to humans really, though certain animals we tend to love the most (like our cats or dogs) most often do have a particular bushiness about the brow, and extra whiskers. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are definitely the curtains! With a slight tilt of the eyebrows you can make something worried, or bashful, or angry, or quizzical, or happy… and the list goes on! I’m a fan of doing smaller than average eyebrows, so that the eyes themselves are emphasised, made bigger, and made more innocent.
I felt like getting about this week, and decided to do a bit of an around the world tour! I’d spend a lot of last week making owls, cats, dogs, squirrls and little woodland cuties, so I felt like a bit more of an exotic challenge. Amongst my better ideas (and there were some pretty awful ones, believe me), I settled on a geisha, a buddha, and following on from that, a lotus flower. The buddha and the lotus are being mentally designed as we speak. It’s a whole different process creating a ‘human’, yet I chose to see them in the same way as the imps and tried to give them a whimsical, amigurumi look. It’s good to stretch myself and try new things… I’m sure I could make nymphs until I turn blue myself, but just like every crafter or artist I’m still learning! About my craft, about me, about the world. I’m still being surprised! 
In my own time, I’ve begun making the wall hanging I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It’s so therapeutic, but I’m incredibly OCD about how I want it to be. I’m planning on hanging this up for quite a while, so I’d hate to be looking at it wishing I’d layered the colours differently. I want to weave a thin branch through the top too, to keep it straight for hanging purposes (a fab idea by http://www.etsy.com/shop/designtalentedone ) so I’m also on the lookout for a pretty stick. I must look a little odd doing that. Unfortunately it’s been so horribly wet and rainy this past couple of weeks that all the branches out there are a bit damp. On a particularly lovely day, I’ll probably use an apple tree branch from my mum’s garden.
As you can see, the colours I’m using are quite vibrant! It’s going to be mostly multicoloured ribbon weaving, but with sections of sumptuous plum I got from DesignTalentedOne on Etsy. She’s such a lovely seller! She even included some gold and some turquoise in my package just because I liked them! So it’s also going to have panels of those colours breaking it up a bit. A bit mad, but that’s how I wanted it. Full of colour, texture, and splendour. Something touchable. Unfortunately this wall hanging means I have one of the most time consuming and dull jobs to do first – iron the ribbon. I hate ironing anyway, but ironing ribbon?! I feel insane! If you like the look of the multicoloured ribbon there,  there’s another sort I’m using called called Tibetan jewels by Darn Good Yarn – http://store.darngoodyarn.com/product/silk-sari-strip-ribbon-yarn . It’s my absolute favourite sari ribbon. I garter-stitched a skinny scarf with a skein last summer and I wear it whenever my outfit allows. And sometimes when it doesn’t! 
Anyhow, I’ll let you know how that gets on in a week or two. I don’t want to rush it… partly because I want it to be a cathartic and beautiful process, and partly because I haven’t got a wall to hang it on. As of yet. 🙂
Speak soon 🙂
Caroline xxxx

5 responses to “Eyebrows, Character and Apple Tree Branches: A Week of Exotic Mental Adventures

    • Hi Lauren! Ooh I would! But only if you don’t want or need it! I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I’m so determined because crochet is just so darned pretty!! X x

      • I’m very un coordinated when it comes to anything knitted or crocheted so I can guarantee that I won’t be needing it! 🙂 Hope it’s of some use to you. I will bring it along next week. See you soooon x x x

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