A Successful Week of being a Crafty Entrepeneur! Hoorah!

I’m feelin’ philosophical at the moment about the whole entrepeneuriship thing. A lot of it is hard work, and I don’t deny that those people who succeed have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it, but technically is it work when most of it is a sort of cathartic release? The time absolutely FLIES when I felt or knit. (Not yet when I crochet, sadly. I’ve still not managed to think in circles!) What a day job that would be – simply expressing myself day after day surrounded by beautiful colours and textures. The only downside is the threat of having stiff and useless hands when I’m older! At least I’ll know I used them for good, though.
This week has been so darn busy, and my stats have gone seriously wild. Not one for shameless self promotion, I was invited by Nicole Snow to write a guest blog for her beautiful and amazing site, Darn Good Yarn ( http://www.darngoodyarn.com/pattern/knittynudo/ ) which was a brilliant experience. It made me feel like a major player in the crafting community, and gave me the opportunity to tell people what I was trying to do with Knittynudo ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/Knittynudo?ref=seller_info ) . Having some nice comments also helped! 🙂
Knittynudo has a Facebook page, Twitter account, a board of Pinterest… So I guess I’ve made a good start in promotions and sharing. But for some reason this week my stats have been flying and I think that’s partly due to everyone’s love of owls!

It seems everyone just loves them! I don’t blame them, they’re my favourite creature, but then that brings up a troubling quondry. If I kow owls are the best search term and bring more people than anything else, then shouldn’t I just make a helluvalottaowls? My litle barn owl (sold on Saturday) made it to the front page of Etsy and got me a few more thousand views I’m not used to, which mentally equated to an excitingly electric buzz which can only be recreated by it happening again or getting my finger caught in a plug socket. Though in an owl-fanatic sense that appeals (the shop full of owls, not certain death), it doesn’t bring with it much of a creative or imaginative outlet. I don’t want to just always make what everyone thinks everyone wants. That’s a bit boring to me. Sure, a few mainstream items are ok, but I get SO much more pleasure from the weird and original curiosities I make, like the druids, the imps, and the nymphs.
These are integral parts of my personality and that’s what it should be about, right? As a creator of art and curiosities? I suppose that means that I’m not going to commercially take over the world but what would you really prefer – endlessly sculpting the same cat or bird like a factory line automaton? Or creating a series of wonderful little original art pieces? I’m certainly challenged everytime I make something new, and there’s the usual mental thought pattern of:
“This is easy… Oh actually, this is completely the wrong shape, I’ll turn it upside down / backwards… Hmm he’s ended up fat again… Should I quit now and start again? Oh what the hell, I’ll keep going… Time to embroider… Et voila! I’m so happy I kept going!”
RESULT: Incredibly smiley face and bruised fingertips.
Though we’re all doing the same thing, we all have different motivations, but I think the most important thing is that we all have a motive, a message to convey. I suppose I’m not going to take over the world, but definitely making a stand in the creative world would be nice, and I think I’ve already carved a bit of a dwelling for myself. I want to encourage everyone to have a go, and more importantly have a go together! Even if crafting and making is something that you’re not going to keep up, you can definitely have a good time trying something new and probably laughing at your companions’ attempts. By selling my own little curios, I think I want everyone to be reminded of a lighter side of life, just that little bit more whimsical. Isn’t that what you’d think with a druid sitting on your work monitor?
Happy Wednesday, everyone!
Caroline xxxx

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