Seriously stabbed fingers and my inability to think in circles, damnit.

Hello All!
Serious craftin’ and feltin’ has definitely made me pay the price this week. My poor fingers!
Needle felting is a strange art. I always recommend people to try it out, because it’s something you can teach yourself and it’s such fabulous stress relief. What I fail to mention that if you take up this creative outlet you WILL bleed. Badly. You’ll also end up with incredibly tender little digits unless you’re more careful than me (or indeed have better eyesight).
Ouch. At least some beauty comes from the pain! 🙂
I’ve also been thinking of the unique nature of having a craft business. It’s a community. Unlike other sectors which are subject to huge competition, angst and quite often segregation, marketing your handmade art is much more welcoming. There’s a strange love between sellers and buyers of handmade, and a recent friendship struck up with a buyer of Knittynudo has brought this home to me. When it comes down to it, it’s all just so personal. And in a lovely way too. The fact that someone appreciates an object you have thought about, planned, created and listed is a very intimate thing. I know for a fact I feel a link with every single creature or piece of art that I make. I feel incredibly responsible for where each piece goes, and have been really lucky so far in that every little curiosity I have posted off into the unknown has gone to a loving home. I’m not sure if it’s this personal for everyone… Maybe it’s just me!
Since my fingers are in needle of a spring break, I’ve become enamoured again with the possibilities that come from knitting and crochet as fibre art. Crochet has definitely now become my nemesis – one that I will surely defeat (hopefully). For some reason it’s taking me absolutely ages to get my head around it. The all day workshop at the Knit Studio definitely helped (with big thanks to the lovely Anne Makepeace!) but for some reason I just can’t quite take hold of it. I remember the spike in my knitting development where all of a sudden I just ‘got it’ and understood what I was doing. From that day I had the power of yarn-visualization and could knit random shapes just straight off the cuff. What a great feeling! No longer would I be grimacing at a disgustingly long and confusingly written knitting pattern, I would just imagine! Like sculpting the skin of a creature. I just can’t seem to get that with crochet. I suspect it’s the same reason as I find it just so much more difficult knitting in the round – I think in straight lines.
The reason I’m trying to grasp it even more now is because I’ve become slightly obsessed with the possibilities of crochet jewellery and wall hangings. At present I can easily create my critters by felting or knitting, so I can wait patiently to master crochet amigurumi. My current personal project (as well as that noro cardigan that’s been going on for about 2 years now) is a wall hanging, crocheted and weaved from sari silk ribbons, sari yarn, and banana fibre. I want to design it myself, so it’s exactly what I want, and I need to master crochet in order to do this properly! So frustratingly typical that I’m limited by my ability to think in circles (that also must be why my sense of direction is so terrible).
My wall hanging will probably take quite a bit of time, most of the materials for it are being ordered from the US. I’ll keep you posted on it! Perhaps if it’s a success I might make some for Knittynudo, and continue the eco-art and fairtrade goodness!
Until the next time, happy creating and have a great day everyone.


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