Imps, Nymphs, and a Spontaneous Sale!

Hello everyone!

Just a mini post this week really. I’ve been having lots of fun creating some imps and nymphs this week, it’s been true creative freedom! It’s lovely sometimes to throw caution to the wind and create something entirely imaginary (or are they…?!) Someone who bought one of my nymphs told me she was giving the ‘gift of magic’ to her daughter, and I felt really touched by that. Everyone should have some magic in their lives! I’ve already listed a small pink nymph, and later this week I’ll be adding a water nymph too.

I’ve also decided to tackle one of my favourite animals this week… and make a pocket sized version. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love owls. The only debate is which kind I like best! Is it the magnificent eagle owl, the rustic tawny owl, the sweet short eared owl…? Well even I can’t decide, so I decided on perhaps the most elegant and graceful of them all – the barn owl. I’ve wanted to start felting owls for ages but have been majorly put off by how much I love them. It’d be so disappointing not to be able to capture what I love about them, but I think in this little owl I’ve captured a bit of their ghostly quality. I wish I could keep her and sit her on my desk to cheer me up! Sadly, I must be restrained. She’ll be going on Etsy tonight I think.

I actually managed to get into the glorious sunshine (rare as it is) yesterday and do some felting in the sun. I felt a little odd at first, lying in the grass felting away, the wool reminding me of the hundreds of scarves I created for the winter last year, but after a while the wool roving seemed to develop such a lovely light quality. It felt like a lovely summer thing to do! I’ll definitely be bringing my craft bag outside a lot more in 2012. Getting a vitamin D hit can’t hurt either of course!

But before I go, I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m having a bit of a spontaneous spring sale! Everything is 10% off if you add the coupon code SPRING10 to your checkout. The sale will end on the last day of March, so that’ll be this Saturday. Enjoy!

Anyway, wherever you are, if it’s not as sunny as it is here, at least we can all appreciate seeing the flowers start to bud and leaves starting to re-appear all around us. The world is coming to live again. Yey!



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