Busy Busy Business Week (with a huge Chameleon)


Wowee it’s been a busy week. How is it that I seem to be much much MUCH more busy when I’m not at work? Everything seems to have a time and place during the usual routine… Go to work, come home, do a bit around the house, graze on some easily grabbed food, do some craftin’, eat tea, maybe watch a film… And of course overlapping all of these things to fit them into the timespan of one evening.

When I’m on holiday, time gets distorted! I spend hours spring cleaning, then hours and hours knitting at a time, then I’ll spend what feels like an age grocery shopping and trying to carry a ton of fruit and veg back to the nest. I seem to get half as much done in twice the time and it always makes me wonder whether I’ll be able to survive when I go back to work. And then, as usual, I do.

This week however, I’ve been very productive. It’s been a week of paperwork, and buying technology that can keep up with my various editing, writing, and posting! It’s most definitely my new toy. Maybe I should venture into knitted or felted laptop covers? I’ve got a few skeins of banana fibre yarn handy, perhaps I should get on with it!

Knittynudo has been doing fine this week too. It’s been an inevitable period of sorting out the business-y side, but now I can get on to doing some more actual crafting! I’ve managed to find time to make a little needle felted pet rock and knit a rather large chameleon from recycled sari silk, which ended up somewhat bigger than I’d intended, but isn’t that always the way with organic creation? The only problem with that item is it is pretty darn difficult to photograph! I can’t seem to quite capture the detail of the legs and swirling tail. Hopefully, it’ll go to a loving home nonetheless.

Speaking of ‘Darn’… I’m going to be a quest blogger for Darn Good Yarn, simply the most wonderfully beautiful purveyor of fair-trade goodness. I’m addicted. The lovely owner (Nicole Snow) is simply a gem. Once that’s going, I’ll definitely let you all know! I can’t wait to be associated with such a successful and feel good organisation! Check it out at: http://www.darngoodyarn.com/ but be warned – once you’ve made your first order, you’ll be addicted. I am.

Anyway, onto more designing and crafting. I’m in the feeling to create more imps and nymphs. Since selling Little Guava I think more magical creatures need to show their faces!

Speak soon



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