The Curiosity Collective…


Well, I suppose this is my first real blog post, and I thought it would be worthwhile to just tell you all about who I am, and what I do.

I am Knittynudo, or at least the hands behind it. I think calling myself ‘The Hands’ is much more appropriate, as this curiosity collective is fast growing far from the control of my conscious brain. Knittynudo is spreading…

Knittynudo started as a compulsive crafting sensation. Not ‘sensation’ as in a spectacular event, but the need to do something with my hands. And again, we’re back to ‘Hands’. It wasn’t quite a tingle, but more of a spark. My fingers felt stiff with anticipation before I whipped out the knitting needles to make something cute or warm.
As I compulsively stitched, bitched, and searched for more ideas, I realised that the creations were becoming something different. It was almost like the moment I closed up the body, or attached the eyes, a little life was born into the world. And friends, relatives and neighbours would enjoy the sweet, soft, and sometimes strange results that followed.

I studied English Literature for years, and the curiosities I released into the world seemed to be definitely influenced by the ‘other’ (that wonderful fantastical idea), history, folk traditions and myth. I suppose this was always the direction Knittynudo was going to take. Even the most primary animal seemed to appear with a strange glint in the eye, or a strange twist of the neck. I’ve since developed some creatures which are much less ‘other’, but maybe that is due to their nature. Maybe the life born into them is just simply a simpler one.

This organic creation process is definitely what Knittynudo is about. Every artist has had moments where their model, though fully planned, ends up travelling along a different path to the one originally envisioned. Though this process is normally incredibly frustrating, I’ve learnt to continue with the piece, and see where it’s going fully before throwing myself into a pile of wool roving and despairing. This has lead to some of my most successful curiosities, and I’m so glad I went long enough with the project long enough to see yet another life created. 🙂

And so where now? Well, the collection is growing. Knittynudo used to sell on ebay but since selling the last few I have moved completely to etsy, and have truly set up home. It suits the warm and quirky world of Knittynudo, and means I’ve joined a community of fellow crafters and artisans. Knittynudo also has a Facebook page, a Twitter account (@knittynudo), and now this blog. Knittynudo has been invited to several craft fairs (including Kirkley Hall later this year) has been asked to hold demonstrations and workshops, and most recently was featured on the cuteables website ( . Things are certainly moving very fast, and who knows what will happen next!

Here’s to quirkiness! And here’s to the future!


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